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Common Nighthawk (8 by 10" pencil drawing)

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Common Nighthawk (8 by 10" pencil drawing)
A Common Nighthawk is not a hawk at all, it is very much like a swallow actually. Swooping through the sky with a giant mouth vacuuming up insects, referred to as "hawking for insects", a term used by Ornithologists to describe behaviour. Being mostly nocturnal you can now see how this bird received its common name. Common Nighthawks can be seen outside of the Grasslands region but I seem to notice them every time I am out on the prairies away from agricultural land during the summer. During the day you may see these extremely camoflouged birds perched sleeping on fence posts, tree limbs, or just on the ground. This species population is starting to decline however as agriculture expands and the use of pesticides are killing tremendous amounts of insects that these birds feed on.
Posted on October 26, 2013
Colin Starkevich