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Bindloss Buck (16 by 20" acrylic on masonite)

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Bindloss Buck (16 by 20" acrylic on masonite)
During the rutting season of the Pronghorn the males referred to as "bucks" are in constant search of females (does) to mate with. When they come across a females urine they often will stretch out their head, curl their bottom lip out with their mouth slightly open while breathing in through their nose to test the air for pheromones which may indicate if the female is in heat, possibly giving the male an opportunity to mate with her passing on his genes. This behaviour by the males is referred to as the flehmen response. On a September afternoon near the hamlet of Bindloss, Alberta I came across a Pronghorn buck performing such behavior while following around a small herd of does. Being interested in wildlife biology myself; I thought it was very interesting witnessing this behaviour. I was able to get great reference photos of this buck as he did not mind my presence. I wanted to portray this Pronghorn buck by Bindloss displaying the flehmen response, indicating he has girls on the brain in the hype of the rutting season.
Posted on December 1, 2013
Colin Starkevich