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Eyes on the Road - Rattlesnake (18 by 24" acrylic on board)

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Eyes on the Road - Rattlesnake (18 by 24" acrylic on board)
The Prairie Rattlesnake can be found across much of the natural Grasslands region of Canada and is really quite a unique creature to see. Often misunderstood by many, Rattlesnakes are quite shy creatures which will try to avoid humans at all costs. If you are out hiking and come across one, you will most likely hear its rattle, which sounds more like a buzz than a rattle, before you see it. Keep your distance to prevent frightening it and causing it to strike. I always find it quite thrilling watching these snakes. However their numbers are getting decimated in some parts of the Grasslands region where highways cut across their habitat. Rattlesnakes as well as other snake species will usually rest out on asphalt to sun themselves, this is a great way to see snakes. However many times they become victims as they go unnoticed by drivers passing. A very important point to keep in mind while driving through the prairies is to keep your eyes on the road! As snakes are bound to be sharing the road with you as well and many snake/vehicle incidents can be avoided if one pays attention to what else is on the road in front of them.
Posted on April 30, 2014
Colin Starkevich