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Navigation - Pronghorn (30 by 40" oil on canvas)

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Navigation - Pronghorn (30 by 40" oil on canvas)
SEE VIDEO PAGE to view the process of the creation of this painting! Depicted is a Pronghorn Antelope navigating through a wild Canadian landscape in the countries natural Grasslands region. Navigating through a maze of grass leading to an unknown future, the Pronghorn continues dashing throughout the landscape, never quitting, never giving up. This Pronghorn may appear alone on his journey; however, he is not. Upon further inspection we see Songbirds singing among the Sagebrush (a Clay-coloured and Baird`s Sparrow to be precise), and crickets navigating through the landscape on their own journeys while playing their soothing lullabies. The sounds and sights of the animals combined with the scents of this wild place come together to bring the Pronghorn company and provide hope and peace for his journey. This painting is all about encouragement to act as a reminder to all of us that no matter where life leads us, we must keep moving, and navigating through time and space. The distant rivers also remind us of this which are depicted in the distant landscape, constantly flowing, moving, and never stopping. The distant storm clouds also keep moving, shedding light on a sunnier and brighter time in which the Pronghorn is turning towards while avoiding a Prickly-Pear Cacti which may cause this animal harm. For us humans, I am hoping that when we view this painting we realize that just like this Pronghorn, we must keep moving forward when life's storms blow over. Storms blow over, but the beauty and peacefulness of nature remains and can become a safe place for us to gather our thoughts and strategize our own futures and goals to allow us to all live a very purposeful life.
Posted on July 1, 2017
Colin Starkevich